About Pixelmental

The idea for Pixelmental came about after a project where I had created a lot of resources which were not used in the final design. In the end, I decided these files may at least benefit someone else rather than gather virtual dust on my hard drives. Pixelmental is where I share these design resources and my experimentations.



So you are interested to know a little bit more about the man behind the website? Very well. My name is Alvin Ofori-Brown and I’m a UK based freelance Graphic/Web designer.

I was born in London and ever since a young age had a passion for creating things. In my early years I would create artwork for my favourite cartoons and small models. This fascination is creation and understanding how things are put together lead me down the road of engineering with me studying in University for a degree in Virtual Product Design.

I have had many different and varying jobs over my carrier period and worked with myriad of companies from Bauer media to eBay.

Today I freelance on my site DarkoDesign. I created Pixelmental because I have been creating a lot of work which sadly does not always see the light of days. So rather then let these creations go to waste I would share them with other creatives to aid them in their projects. In addition it is a good exercise for me to continue making new things and experimenting.

Be sure to keep up to date with Pixelmental by following me on twitter. If you are interested in my other works you can find me across the web under the name DarkoDesign which is also my personal website http://www.darkodesign.co.uk